About us

Y&S Coffee Brand is a family owned premium coffee roaster and coffee supplier renowned for its kosher coffee blends with dark, rich and full taste. Aromaville is the flagship brand, and coffee lovers everywhere addicted to this particular brand have been known to travel distances for their favorite cup of coffee. Luckily, most neighborhood cafes and fine restaurants know their clients desire and offer Aromaville or their own unique custom blend from Y&S Coffee

Zev is the current owner of Y&S, and proudly carries on the family tradition of premium gourmet coffee roasting. As a 4th generation of gourmet coffee roasters, you can say “It’s in the genes”. And yes there is a secret to the unique gourmet taste of its coffee blends; part-art, part-science it’s the propriety hand roasting techniques used in unlocking the coffee beans flavor

While staying true to the traditional method of coffee roasting, Zev never stops innovating, always thinking of new ways to bring the gourmet coffee experience of Aromaville to customers in new and exciting ways. From advanced technology used in packaging coffee for home use, to refreshing ice cold brews in a grab-and-go convenient can, there can always be a brand new coffee experience coming up.